Roof Painting & Coating

Essential Information About Roof Painting and Staining in Cody Wyoming

Roof painting is common for metal roof owners that want to improve the aesthetic appeal of their roof and extend its longevity. According to experts, metal roofs should be repainted at least every five years to ensure they remain in a pristine condition. Roof painting also allows you to address any minor issues, such as rust and leaks before they become larger ones. To ensure roof painting and staining in Cody Wyoming is done correctly, it is important you hire a licensed professional. Experienced roof painting professionals at Sherlock Contracting have the right skills, workforce, and tools to offer you the best roof painting services. Here are some essential you should know before hiring professionals to paint your roof.

Get the Right Roof Paint

Most paints specifically designed for rooftops can be applied to a variety of surfaces. Acrylic paints are the generally preferred over other types of paints. Acrylic roof paints are water-based paints. This means you do not have to purchase additional solvents, such as turpentine or thinners to clean your rollers or brushes after painting. This also makes these paints eco-friendly.

Prepare the Roof Surface before Painting

This is probably the most tedious task; however, the results will be worth your efforts. Remove the dirt and dust from the surface and sandy away any loose pieces of paint using a sander. Clean away any built up dirt or grime using a metal brush and sugar soap. The surface of your roof must be dry and clean before painting.

Choose UV Resistant Paints

UV resistant paints can last a lifetime and can withstand harsh elements. Make sure you have bought enough paint to coat the entire roof. Remember you may need to apply more than one coat. Inquire from paint supplier about the spreading rate per square meter, and whether a primer or sealer should be used.

With an in-depth knowledge of the above tips for roof painting in Cody Wyoming, you will certainly have an easy time painting your metal roof. Note that the entire roof painting process is risky. Consider hiring an experienced roof painting and staining professional to handle the task for you.