Lightning Rods Installation

Three Frequently Asked Questions About Lightning Rods Installation

Each year, thousands of homes and properties are damaged or destroyed by lightning strikes. Studies indicate that lightning protection system, such as lightning rods are highly effective in reducing lightning –caused fires and damage to building structures. Professionals at Sherlock Contracting can help you protect your home from lightning by installing residential lightning rod protection systems. Lightning rods provide a safe path for electricity to flow to the ground. A typical lightning rods installation process is relatively easy and usually quick. Here are three frequently asked questions about Lightning Rods Installation in Lovell Wyoming.

How do lightning rods work?

Just like any other lightning protection system, lightning rods are designed to provide a safe path for lightning strikes to flow to the ground without causing physical or property damages. A lightning protection system consists of lightning rods, surge arrestors, and secondary conductors. Lightning rods only act as a contact point and do not attract lightning. Surge arrestors protect electrical equipment and wiring while secondary conductors prevent side flashes and spark-over.

What are some places where lightning rods installation is most appropriate?

Lightning can strike just about any place. However, some areas are more prone to lightning strikes than others. Examples of such areas include:

  • Homes at the edges of large water bodies
  • Houses built on mountain tops or large expanses of flatlands
  • Tall buildings in urban areas

People in any of these setting should seriously consider an effective lightning protection system.

Why should you hire professionals to install your lightning rods?

Professionals are well versed in the various types of electrical protection systems and lightning safety in general. They can tell you whether your home or business is a likely target, and give you reliable advice on how to make it safer.

Lightning damage is costly and more prevalent than you may think. Protect your family and properties by installing reliable lightning rods. For additional information on Lightning Rods Installation in Lovell Wyoming and neighboring areas, contact Sherlock Contracting.

Lightning Rods Installation