Top 5 Roofing Services in Miles City Montana

Top 5 Roofing Services in Miles City Montana

When you live in Miles City Montana and need roofing services it can be difficult. The problem is that most professional roofing companies will not travel to many remote locations and small cities to perform these services, and most small cities do not have enough business to sustain a full-time company. So what do you do? You could try to perform the service yourself, most likely using YouTube videos or something you read on the internet as a guide. You are probably very crafty because remote living has made it a necessity to learn many do-it-yourself skills. However, professional roofing projects are not the type of projects that you want to take on yourself. You need a licensed and insured professional company who has the skills and experience to meet your needs. This company must also be willing to travel to travel to your location. This is where Sherlock Contracting can help.

Sherlock Contracting
Sherlock Contracting has built a solid reputation by providing professional roofing services to families in small cities since 1979. We believe that just because you choose to live away from the hectic and stressful city life, that does not mean that you should be unable to get high quality and affordable home repairs done in a timely manner. We are a family owned business that has been passed down 3 generations. We do not believe in treating our clients like customers, we believe in treating them like family. To make this possible we provide many services. These are the top 5 roofing services we provide in Miles City Montana.

1. Seamless Gutter
This is nationally recognized as the most effective guttering system. They are designed to avoid clogging and leaking. They can be difficult to install because they have to be cut on site in order to fit so if you need seamless gutter installation Miles City Montana, you should consider giving us a call. The advantages of a seamless gutter include:

  • Better Rate of Return
  • Provides a More Beautiful Finish
  • Reduces Leaks
  • Makes Cleaning a Breeze

2. Roof Painting & Coating
Metal roofs look better when they are painted. They also last longer. In order to keep your roof in top condition you should be painting it at least every 5 years. This also helps you to identify potential problems like possible leaks and rusting before they turn into major expenses. When you are considering roof painting in Miles City Montana our professional services can help you identify the right paint, prepare the surface for optimal finish, and ensure that your roof is UV resistant for long-lasting performance.

3. Roof Coating
When it comes to roof coating in Miles City Montana you can trust Sherlock Contracting. The important things to know are that coating can extend the longevity of your roof while enhancing its appearance. We are experts at assisting you in choosing coatings and applying them correctly for maximum benefit. We know roofing and understand which coatings provide the best opportunity to meet your needs.

4. Lightning Rods Installation
Living in Miles City Montana you know why lightning rods installation is so important. Every year homes in the area are damaged or destroyed due to lightning strikes that cause fires and other damage. A rod provides a pathway for that lightning to safely travel to the ground and avoid your home. When considering installing lightning rods it is important that it is done correctly or you will lose the benefit of the rod, and put your house at risk. Sherlock Contracting is able to handle these installations quickly and effectively.

5. Metal Roof Installation
These are large jobs that require the proper tools, experience, and skill to be done correctly. For these reasons metal roof installation in Miles City Montana is one of our most requested services. Metal roofing provides many benefits to your home including:

  • Highly Durable
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cheap to Install and Maintain

Effective at Energy Conservation
If you live in the Miles City Montana area and need any of the top 5 services we highlighted above please contact us today. We will come to your location to complete an assessment, provide you with a quote, and then produce flawless work that reflects the pride you have in your home. We look forward to welcoming you to the family.


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