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Top Factors That Determine the Cost of Roof Painting in Big Sky Montana:

Metal roofs can endure the effects of elements far longer than standard shingled roofs. However, for a metal roof to last a lifetime, it should be inspected and maintained regularly. Painting is an essential aspect of maintaining a metal roof. Painting your metal roof helps to keep it sealed against moisture and protected from rust. To ensure that your metal roof is painted correctly, it is important that you enlist the services of an experienced roof painting contractor. The cost of painting your metal roof in Big Sky Montana is determined by the four factors discussed below.

Roof Slope and Size

Most painters will quote a higher price if a roof has a steep grade or slope. Steeper metal roofs are more difficult to paint compared to flat metal roofs. Aside from the slope of the roof, painting costs are also determined by the square foot. Thus, the more the square feet, the more costly it is to paint.

Cleaning Requirements

Roofs are only painted if they are clean and dry. Therefore, it is essential to power wash your roof to remove dirt, dust, and debris. Though this step is tedious, the results will be worth your efforts.

Sealing and Painting

Apart from the labor costs, the total roof painting costs can be higher if any primers and sealers will be applied before the paint. Sealers and primers play a vital role in protecting your metal roof from snow, moisture, heat, and cold.

Roof Warranty

Most established roof painting companies offer a warranty on the roof painting services. Be sure to inquire about the warranty when reviewing potential roof painting contractors. This is an important aspect when considering costs.

Metal roof painting is an important activity that should be carried after every five years. With these factors in mind, it is certainly easy to determine how much your roof painting project will cost. Remember to hire an experienced roof painting contractor in Big Sky Montana to ensure the entire project is completed professionally. For more information about professional roof painting and staining, contact Sherlock Contracting.


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