3 Common Mistakes Your Roofer in Roundup Montana Should Avoid

3 Common Mistakes Your Roofer in Roundup Montana Should Avoid

It is undoubtedly true that metal roofing has become a popular option for many business and homeowners. Fire resistance, energy efficiency and durability are just a few of the major reasons why more and more home and business owners are choosing metal roofs. Even though metal roofs outlast other types of roofs, the smallest mistake during installation can lead to costly repairs and frustrations. That is why it is vital to hire an experienced roofing contractor in Roundup Montana. A licensed roofer knows all the critical steps followed when installed a new metal roof. They ensure that the entire roof is installed correctly, and within the set time and budget. Here are three metal roof installation mistakes your roofer must avoid.

1. Damaged Roof Structure

The roofer must inspect the roof deck for dry rot and other signs of water damage before installing your metal roof. Metal expands and contracts. Without a solid base and proper installation, your new metal roof can create gaps or break loose allowing moisture to seep in.

2. Improper Flashing

Flashing is a transitional material that connects the metal roof to the vents, chimneys and skylights. The installer should ensure that the flashing seams are sealed properly to allow water to flow smoothly and prevent moisture from creeping under the metal roof or into crevices.

3. Wrong Underlayment

Underlayment is considered the second line of defense against seepage if the flashing or roofing material is damaged. To ensure the underside of your metal roof is protected, the roofer should use an underlayment with a smooth, non-granulated surface.

Metal roofs are a big investment for home and business owners, as they have a lifespan of 50 years or more. Before beginning the process, it is vital that your roofer knows how to avoid certain critical mistakes when installing a metal roof. Sherlock Contracting has highly experienced and certified roofers in Roundup Montana who can ensure your new metal roof is installed properly.


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